Impeachment Should Not Be Partisan!

Since 1/2 the country seems split on impeachment, it certainly is partisan, and that is the one thing the Founding Father’s did not want and one thing ALL the witnesses agreed with. We all heard the same testimony and saw what evidence was presented. 1/2 the country has a different conclusion. Our country is based on a “jury of peers” so to speak. In this case 1/2 the nation has one thought and 1/2 another. As citizens we need to respect and understand that not everyone in our nation thinks the same way. It is not the fault of the President, not the fault of Congress, but the fault of each of us as citizens, when we can no longer respect, and accept that we may look at the same picture and feel differently about it. We have members of Congress, both sides, telling the Nation what Truth is. I can accept that they have opinions but can not accept that they do not acknowledge that others may think differently. GOD Bless America.

Time For The Generations To Talk…

My challenge to all the Millennials and those of the Gen Z category who seem to want to criticize the Baby Boomers and those like myself who are considered a Gen X’r, to talk. It seems the new catchphrase of “OK, Boomer” is meant to diminish the Baby Boomer generation and place blame on those of us who are 50+ for the troubles the younger generations are facing. I challenge any one from these groups to have a conversation… pick the topic and let’s talk. A big difference from us older folks to the Internet Generation is the ability to communicate. We had no choice but to talk in order to express our differences and try to have a better understanding of those we did not agree with and even find some common ground.  These younger generations grew up with things like memes, posts, videos, and other one-sided communication, which certainly does not help in finding solutions for differences and sharing of ideas. We had many of the same thoughts about those that came before us but what we found from engaging in conversation and sharing thoughts and ideas was that we actually learned from one another and improved society in many ways. So, before the next Presidential Election I propose, meetings, town halls, or a simple conversation over coffee and I guarantee there will be surprising results, good solutions to common concerns, and a much better appreciation for the differences that make us All Important To Our Society.

Don’t Let Words Divide Us !

Do we want to live to live in a country that penalizes a certain group of people for the words they use but not others? Ever since the first dictionary was published it gave us the meaning of words but never mentioned who can say them…because that thought process is as full of discrimination as any. We have seen Non-African American people lose their jobs and credibility for having said the “N-word” but never the same penalty for those of Black Skin Color that say the same thing. We have seen Non-LGBT people be fined for using words such as “male”, “female” “sir or madam”…now we see the media all over President Trump for the word “lynching” as he described the impeachment process… yet the same Democrats and media personnel that claim he is using it as a racist term said the same thing in their own past referring to something they felt was an unfair political attack. Yes, words can be hurtful, and words can bring up bad memories. The word “cremation” is used every day regarding funerals etc. but it is also a word that can bring up terrible memories for the families of those executed in Nazi Germany. The phrase “God D..” appears in all sorts of TV shows and movies, as a Christian I find it extremely offensive, yet I believe in free speech and just pray for those that feel it is OK. If we, as a country, continue down this track, there will not be a word or phrase that does not offend someone and pretty soon the Government will control another aspect of our life and in doing so take away one of the most important freedoms, and foundations of our nation. Conversation and Understand is the best answer but assumptions of intent, penalties and prohibited laws will be one step closer to destroying our nation.   

What Most Americans Want From Congress:

We want a Congress that respects its citizens…not call those that testify in front of them names such as liar, coward, crook, or rapist, without any facts accept what an accuser says.

We want a Congress that earns their pay by working together to write and pass legislation… not spend time giving speeches and appearing on news shows.

We want a Congress that feels honored to work for the American People… not one that feels their opinions should dictate our country’s moral makeup.

We want a Congress that will Never give more benefits and rights to those living here illegally than those that are citizens or those that followed the law to enter our nation to be part of our society.

We want a Congress that believes in a strong military in order to defend our borders and those of our allies.

We want a Congress that will call out nations that support terrorism and Never apologize for our belief in being a sovereign nation and putting our nation’s needs ahead of others as we would expect them to do the same.          

We want a Congress that manages the people’s money wisely.. not one that feels kicking debt down the road is good for our future.

We want a Congress that will NEVER try and implement ANY SOCIALIST LAWS that take from some of its citizens to give to others or gives more control to Congress by giving themselves management of programs like healthcare which will dictate every person’s health options and choices.

We want a Congress that cares more about the American Citizen, even those that have different political views, than their re-election and popularity.

We want a Congress that cares more about Americans that are homeless, hungry and sick than those in other nations…. the richest country in the world should not have 1 hungry child!

We want a Congress that follows the Constitution and does the job they were hired to do, and if they can’t do it then they need to find another job.

America and Great Britain Destroying Themselves From The Inside.

The two nations that have been the example to the rest of the world of free elections and representation of the people and for the people are both in shambles. We have our friends across the pond in Great Britain having the Opposition party calling for the resignation of the Prime Minister as they continue to argue over Brexit even though the people voted to leave the EU back in June of 2016.  Here in America we have the Democratic party calling for the Impeachment of President Trump for a variety of reasons they claim are valid to remove a sitting President and have pursued this narrative since his election in November of 2016. What is the most frightening is both countries have been the leaders across the globe in many areas including economically, militarily, but most importantly, in the example of a free society and a government that respects the people’s wishes.  I pray that both our government here in America and our friends on the other side of the ocean take a step back and understand that when we don’t work together amongst ourselves and work through differences how do we expect other nations to look to us as an example and want to move away from their socialist/communist and dictatorships that exists around the globe. Praying for both nations.

The Hollywood Hypocrisy Continues…

Hollywood continues to be the leader in Hypocrisy when it comes to Values, Faith, and what American Society is all about. I won’t take away the talent that a performer has and their ability to achieve success portraying a character. My criticism comes from the fact that they choose to accept certain roles and Hollywood chooses to create productions that center around themes detrimental to a loving, peaceful society.

When a television show is broadcast it is given a “larger than life” persona and normalizes whatever the plot is centered around.  Yesterday’s Emmy awards propped up themes of families violently fighting for power, a hit-man taking acting lessons, a non married woman having sex with both men and women and even hitting on a priest, and these were just the winners… many more that were not even nominated are shown weekly.

Hollywood will blame certain guns, they will blame a certain political party and they will blame whoever they want but if we look at what types of television shows that were produced prior to the last 20 years we will see more family oriented shows, those that did NOT portray either the mother or father as a half-witted, lazy, sex crazed, bad influence.  We wouldn’t see the acceptance of teen sex but rather how parents navigate the challenges of parenting. We wouldn’t see the glamour of drug use or making the drug dealer, mobster, etc. the hero.

Today’s youth would rather play violent video games than play outside. Teens look at sex as a right of passage rather than a part of a serious, loving relationship. Marriage is considered by many as just the next step in dating but if doesn’t work out than divorce is fine and multiple marriages are becoming normalized. And of course, the violence. Killing someone, killing yourself, rape, assault, and abuse of drugs are ALL normalized in Hollywood productions with even the most violent characters being promoted as the star and stories written to “understand” their violence to the point where it is expected and accepted.

We don’t need to mention all the machinery that is used on these productions, all the large cars, planes, boats, etc. but the “Hollywood Elite” will have no problem shouting about the violence in society, or their claim of caring about the environment etc. yet they never take ANY responsibility.

A passage in the Bible sums it up…ISAIAH 5:20 “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!” Although I find it highly unlikely that those in Hollywood reference the Bible before they produce a show or accept a role, which is why these influential people are so dangerous to our society. So, to all those “Hollywood” loud mouths that claim to care about what is happening in America I urge you to look in the mirror and see how you can be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

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