America and Great Britain Destroying Themselves From The Inside.

The two nations that have been the example to the rest of the world of free elections and representation of the people and for the people are both in shambles. We have our friends across the pond in Great Britain having the Opposition party calling for the resignation of the Prime Minister as they continue to argue over Brexit even though the people voted to leave the EU back in June of 2016.  Here in America we have the Democratic party calling for the Impeachment of President Trump for a variety of reasons they claim are valid to remove a sitting President and have pursued this narrative since his election in November of 2016. What is the most frightening is both countries have been the leaders across the globe in many areas including economically, militarily, but most importantly, in the example of a free society and a government that respects the people’s wishes.  I pray that both our government here in America and our friends on the other side of the ocean take a step back and understand that when we don’t work together amongst ourselves and work through differences how do we expect other nations to look to us as an example and want to move away from their socialist/communist and dictatorships that exists around the globe. Praying for both nations.

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