Don’t Let Words Divide Us !

Do we want to live to live in a country that penalizes a certain group of people for the words they use but not others? Ever since the first dictionary was published it gave us the meaning of words but never mentioned who can say them…because that thought process is as full of discrimination as any. We have seen Non-African American people lose their jobs and credibility for having said the “N-word” but never the same penalty for those of Black Skin Color that say the same thing. We have seen Non-LGBT people be fined for using words such as “male”, “female” “sir or madam”…now we see the media all over President Trump for the word “lynching” as he described the impeachment process… yet the same Democrats and media personnel that claim he is using it as a racist term said the same thing in their own past referring to something they felt was an unfair political attack. Yes, words can be hurtful, and words can bring up bad memories. The word “cremation” is used every day regarding funerals etc. but it is also a word that can bring up terrible memories for the families of those executed in Nazi Germany. The phrase “God D..” appears in all sorts of TV shows and movies, as a Christian I find it extremely offensive, yet I believe in free speech and just pray for those that feel it is OK. If we, as a country, continue down this track, there will not be a word or phrase that does not offend someone and pretty soon the Government will control another aspect of our life and in doing so take away one of the most important freedoms, and foundations of our nation. Conversation and Understand is the best answer but assumptions of intent, penalties and prohibited laws will be one step closer to destroying our nation.   

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