Time For The Generations To Talk…

My challenge to all the Millennials and those of the Gen Z category who seem to want to criticize the Baby Boomers and those like myself who are considered a Gen X’r, to talk. It seems the new catchphrase of “OK, Boomer” is meant to diminish the Baby Boomer generation and place blame on those of us who are 50+ for the troubles the younger generations are facing. I challenge any one from these groups to have a conversation… pick the topic and let’s talk. A big difference from us older folks to the Internet Generation is the ability to communicate. We had no choice but to talk in order to express our differences and try to have a better understanding of those we did not agree with and even find some common ground.  These younger generations grew up with things like memes, posts, videos, and other one-sided communication, which certainly does not help in finding solutions for differences and sharing of ideas. We had many of the same thoughts about those that came before us but what we found from engaging in conversation and sharing thoughts and ideas was that we actually learned from one another and improved society in many ways. So, before the next Presidential Election I propose, meetings, town halls, or a simple conversation over coffee and I guarantee there will be surprising results, good solutions to common concerns, and a much better appreciation for the differences that make us All Important To Our Society.

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