Impeachment Should Not Be Partisan!

Since 1/2 the country seems split on impeachment, it certainly is partisan, and that is the one thing the Founding Father’s did not want and one thing ALL the witnesses agreed with. We all heard the same testimony and saw what evidence was presented. 1/2 the country has a different conclusion. Our country is basedContinue reading “Impeachment Should Not Be Partisan!”

Time For The Generations To Talk…

My challenge to all the Millennials and those of the Gen Z category who seem to want to criticize the Baby Boomers and those like myself who are considered a Gen X’r, to talk. It seems the new catchphrase of “OK, Boomer” is meant to diminish the Baby Boomer generation and place blame on thoseContinue reading “Time For The Generations To Talk…”

What Most Americans Want From Congress:

We want a Congress that respects its citizens…not call those that testify in front of them names such as liar, coward, crook, or rapist, without any facts accept what an accuser says. We want a Congress that earns their pay by working together to write and pass legislation… not spend time giving speeches and appearingContinue reading “What Most Americans Want From Congress:”

America and Great Britain Destroying Themselves From The Inside.

The two nations that have been the example to the rest of the world of free elections and representation of the people and for the people are both in shambles. We have our friends across the pond in Great Britain having the Opposition party calling for the resignation of the Prime Minister as they continueContinue reading “America and Great Britain Destroying Themselves From The Inside.”

The Hollywood Hypocrisy Continues…

Hollywood continues to be the leader in Hypocrisy when it comes to Values, Faith, and what American Society is all about. I won’t take away the talent that a performer has and their ability to achieve success portraying a character. My criticism comes from the fact that they choose to accept certain roles and HollywoodContinue reading “The Hollywood Hypocrisy Continues…”

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